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Chocolate with taste in a foodstuff, also as well as other fat and sweet foodstuff of a dessert, they are developed to make active appetite, even when hunger has been satisfied. When this foodstuff appears, it starts to allocate a saliva, and the pancreas starts to allocate additional insulin in preparation to resist to sugar preparation in a foodstuff. Both these reactions really force you to feel hungry, in spite of the fact that already they have eaten. Really, each cage of its body, apparently, spins round new and I shout, "Is, is!"
Sweet and other foodstuff it is more what to fall that names "the eaten scrap metal" a category, they very heavy to resist, in view of its "supernatural" conditions. If you have a choice of one of this foodstuff (sweet, a pie, a pie, ship's biscuits) or more natural food, as fruit, a supernatural food almost safe which to earn. So, it it is very difficult for the person with additional cargo to carry out a suitable choice of a foodstuff for the weight control, when "a supernatural" foodstuff is present to compete to a normal foodstuff in any given meal or in a mid-morning snack in time.
After to hand over брусок chocolate to our group of weight of administration that, I ask from them if they can, even in its imagination, to see myself doing precisely that is required to live with it (a sweet foodstuff or it feels their majority with which it is necessary to eat in surplus) and not is, when constantly present at its environment. You could take the moment and do the same: you can, in its imagination, he sees itself(himself) in situations with all foodstuff which they feel in more doing precisely what you should do because of his life rest to supervise its weight?
If not probably to imagine doing that it should do to resist to these situations of an effective way: how probably to wait, than each time to do it in a reality?
Thanks to that is physiological natural reaction which "should" "make active" in the presence of "supernatural" a foodstuff, the best strategy for constant management of weight - the control of its presence, namely, seldom to give in at its presence that you should not battle constantly to a temptation.
But this control on you the same or its environment not always the possible. I know that many of you have families which bring the eaten scrap metal in the unexpected form, and you can feel that people in his family which do not have problem with its weight, you should not worry at its desire to delete the eaten scrap metal in the centre. Besides, not so feels well to know, what you can supervise its "gluttony", without increasing weight? Though the quantity of the foodstuff rich with calories in the house, now, when we usually does not persist had Christmas holidays with several visitors the house and suppers. We have one of confectionery products of cheese of incomparable chocolate of my wife in a refrigerator, one of delightful confectionery products of a pumpkin of my daughter the right to the end to a table of kitchen and a quarter of gallon of rum of my own house, frozen pasas in an ice-cream parlour. (Ice-cream very good, also). Twenty two years behind he could eat in surplus and added in weight with all these delightful desserts of the house, but not today. I use as these creations - each of them - but is moderate.
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