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COMMUNICATION the hormonal: assistants to sugar

Having reduced its hygiene of a food of sugar, they concentrate to you on ??????????? to want curative foodstuff instead of resorting to artificial ??????????????. Most popular of these now - Nutrasweet, a product which it contains aspartamo and ????????. These are amino acids excitatorios (or excitotoxinas) which can have negative effects on nervous central system. While ???????? - natural substance, which is required to help in nervous cages, they transfer messages, digestion of additional quantity can come to an end with surplus of stimulation of brain cages which can change brain chemistry. Popular ???????? monosódico I season, or MSG, also can cause this problem. It is very easy that not MSG to ask in the Chinese restaurant, but heavier to delete in supermarket purchases. Confirm labels for names, such as a vegetative protein hidrolizada, hidrolizada a protein, the summary of a vegetative protein, texturizada a protein, the summary of yeast, or yeast. These names can be deceptive for MSG.
In case of a diet of long-term risk artificial ????????????? I use? Probably not, as research shows that there is no communication with weight loss. Really, despite lacking calories, these chemists can spoil a metabolism so actually benefit instead of losing weight.
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Weight loss

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