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In human beings, L-triptófano - raw materials, which use a brain to make serotonina, melatonina, and niacina (vitamin B3). Three products which have occurred from metabolism L-triptófano the repairman can help to use to it night of a dream. L-triptófano, hence receives back a dominant role in helping to regulate a cycle a dream - wakefulness in a brain.
More than twenty years, researchers MIT it has proved that when people eat a protein of poor men, high meal in carbohydrates (as espagueti with a tomato sauce), L-triptófano a foodstuff rich with carbohydrates goes directly to its brains. Researchers have opened that in comparison with other amino acids, at L-triptófano there is a unique advantage: Carbohydrates cause secretion of insulin because of a pancreas, insulin erases all other amino acids of blood, which compete with L-triptófano to enter into a brain, leaving only L-triptófano, which then shuttled curvature of a barrier of blood - a brain in a brain. Once in a brain, L-triptófano turns in serotonina, giving to lovers of paste feeling of saturation, feeling of well-being, and ability on a current opposite to the earth of dreams (antidepressive medicines much of them also function increasing levels serotonina by a brain).
Dietary L-triptófano increases quantity of dream REM (fast movement of eyes) dream, a stage of a dream which means a dream and deep rest. Also it stimulates manufacture melatonina, neurohormona which helps to supervise a dream - wakefulness. When L-triptófano, gets into a brain, synthesis reduction melatonina that the increasing probability of night nightmares and, as consequence, night of a poor dream (melatonina, in turn, causes clearing of chemical brain substance so-called vasotocin which also was meant in dream REM) very little. Whereas secretion melatonina tends to to decrease with the years, it is not surprising that at people of the advanced age is more problems to combine a dream and to sleep it is less, than it has made in its youth.
The majority of people eats 1 in 1,5 grammes because of day of diet L-triptófano. From two to four grammes L-triptófano were used to reduce clinically necessary time to combine a dream when it undertakes one or two hours before leaving, but to 500 milligrammes (half of gramme) L-triptófano it can push a dream. In view of its lack of a foodstuff and a strong competition to other amino acids for an input in a brain, it is heavy to guarantee that hygiene of food L-triptófano high, even, when its hygiene of a food of proteins the low. The stress which it is difficult to combine a dream, complicates business, as it tends to to reduce levels L-triptófano by a body (cortisol, a hormone allocated in the answer in stress, responsible for this effect). The stress has considered such a vicious circle of absence of a dream because of acid which they exhaust the same amino acid, as a brain, it requires to combine a dream.
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