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RPROBLEMAS WEIGHT: correct genes?

To accuse in genes or a slow metabolism - the very general apology.
Our genes responsible for the majority of our physical characteristics as colour of eyes and hair. Our genes solve, if we high or low, mesomorfo (loudly muscular), ectomorfos (thin muscular), or endomórfico (between them). Genes also promote our longevity, mind, and to certain degree our immunity, or risk of certain illnesses, as high arterial pressure, high cholesterol, a diabetes, depression, and even an alcoholism. It means, what our lives completely cogitative and are physically predetermined, been born? Certainly is not present. Scientists have attached special significance to the important paper that behaviour and game environment in the decision of that, than we are. Researchers of behaviour have proved in the way finishing that the certain illnesses named predetermined and even it can be changed standard operating modes resolutely and in any cases, removed by behaviour and environment.
Think concerning this point. If you - now the smoker, undoubtedly they have to guess that its probability of the conclusion of a cancer of a lung and an emphysema - much more. Stop to smoke and reduce risk. On the other hand, if they genéticamente located to the conclusion of a cancer of a lung, that do not smoke than to reduce considerably probability which genetic predisposition turns to a reality. The behaviour can reduce considerably predisposition hit.
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