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Features BeautyTime
He knows our most asked features...

Chakra Stone

The reference for hands and feet ' the Contact from Silk'


Entered BeautyTime

The Italian signature Gerard?s has created the reference which combines therapy geotermal with massage ayurvédico. Stones, a volcanic origin, are warmed and used to do massage to all body, alternating for the massage realised with hands, and by means of almonds oil.
80 min.


He knows others

Present combined pack!
Packs in which various features and references, ideals for a special gift agree...

Entered BeautyTime

True nutritious treatment for hands and feet which it includes peeling on the basis of salts of the Dead Sea and honey, hydration deep - brought by honey which dares to operate on a skin, - massage ????????????? and desirable application from enamel.
80-90 min.


Entered BeautyTime

Cocoa contains anticorrosive natives (polyphenols, teobromina, tannin) that carry out salutary effects on ??????????????????? and psychological level. Also it contains mineral salts and vitamins. Its actions: it ???????????, remineraliza, feeds and tones up; it facilitates depression and sincere excitement as pushes manufacture endorfinas, so-called ?natural substances of happiness? which can increase activity serotonina, neurotransmisión that promotes good mood.

Chocolate oil carries out softening, nutritious, humidifying, protective action and antiage. And almonds oil brings softness and additional hydrations.

Technicians ayurvédicas that are applied in this massage, serve to weaken both muscles, and reason.

65 min.

Entered BeautyTime

Pindas. The most former reference ayurvédico based on application of heat and the active beginnings nataurales (grasses and essential oils) by means of fragrant massage which repeatedly counterbalances energy, desintoxica, facilitates ignition, weakens and is cleared. For massage are used pindas (the cotton filled convolutions of substances and the active beginnings of a phytogenesis) that are applied with movements of rotation and ????????.
60 min.

IMatge Ioga



Ayurveda Es a science ? savoir vivre ?. From India, the most ancient medical system and holístico is occurring that is known and practises all Asian continent since more than 3000 years.

It concerns a body as to absolutely integral connection because of reason, a body and soul, reflecting a deep sight of yogas of a life with which it is connected. This science beholds each individual as the unique organisation. He searches for a way to understand and correct instability and to return congenital mind and harmony of the person. It gives a sight necessary to understand the constitution and to create harmony in our internal premise and round us. The overall objective ayurveda consists in watching over health healthy and to facilitate attachments of patients. It has the greatest variety of preparations concerning grasses and farmaceúticas the world. He considers with clinical and therapeutic special methods, as steam therapy, massages with oils, ??????????????? (panchakarma) and a rejuvenation.

For ayurveda, in any body there are three main forces or doshas: Vata: a start of motion or ' air '. It whistles: the beginning of transformation or ' fire '. Kapa: the beginning of corporal structure.

These doshas agree among themselves and make room in various ways of functioning. If they are in balance, it is the well-being reason. Surplus or a lack any of them promote that energy was ?????????????? incorrectly, and define bad functioning of bodies, instability which should be corrected.

60 min.

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