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Pack Beautytime It gives beautytime
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Relaxation Beautytime

Desired in BeautyTime

Detain the moment and he thinks of you That Relax, leaves outside haste, problems, stress... He respects your body and you will respect all that surrounds you.

In BeautyTime you will find references, therapies and activity which go with your character and answer your necessity. Do not hope that they tell it to you; try it...

It enters into our space and: Dare to care!

BeautyTime has appeared in any means...





Anticeluliticos Beautytime
You wish to shine with feet and glúteos firm and curative this summer?

BeautyTime - beauty and well-being space where to enjoy lonely time for you.

In full quarter Siutat Velja of Barcelona, in a building of a XVIII-th century with cabins which keep arches and initial walls of a stone, are offered references, for therapies and activity which answer concept holística for beauty searching for a way to counterbalance a body and reason to feel enough inside and outside.

That does it submit, what you have applied to yourself the best cream of the world if the stress does not allow you to sleep?

The best way to care of our external appearance consists in caring also of internal balance. Because of it our references connect action of the best natural products of the homoeopathic basis and aromaterapia to profit of the best the technician of massage.

He knows features and the references most corresponding to your necessity...

He knows packs anticelulíticos which will help you to leave your feet, the most beautiful and ready to enjoy summer.
To see it is more...