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That you have learnt in group and through specialising teachers,
Any of forms again встречания with your body and your well-being.

Hatha Yoga 

IMatge Ioga

Yoga - philosophy of a life which does us present at a body, reason and a shower; the yoga means "UNION". Through asanas we will unblock a body that influences positively our reason.

And through pranayama and reflexion, we calm reason that in turn influences body easing. With practice of yoga we improve our ability of concentration, auto-realisation, health and communication with the others.

Schedules: to confirm.
The teacher: Koncha Pineda

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East dance

IMatge Ioga

It is one of the most ancient sacred dances of a hollow of Mediterranean sea and it is danced, mainly, by women. Its cultural, public and deeply spiritual sources go back to ceremonies and the dances celebrated with priestesses and other ballerinas in places of a cult of the former Egypt. Its harmonious movements are based on a figure "8", an infinity and eternity symbol, also as well as fertility and the vital female power because of exelencia.
The inspiration source so for culture of half of east as, more recently, for the western society, this dance approaches us and he invites in collision of our own essence or the female nature.

At physical level, belly dance improves our sense of the equilibrium, learns us to focus and place the correct form our corporal axis, returning unnecessary pressure in a former condition which should separate or isolate various parts of a body that in each movement necessary muscles were used only to strengthen and model glúteos, to hips and a belly zone to unblock and flexibilizar hips and a basin that “to speak with hands”, creating unique language … is definitive to increase экспрессивность all ours of a being in general.

At cogitative and emotional level, belly dance improves capaciad concentration, brings belief in one, reduces shyness and uncertainty, helps to love and be perceived, and promotes to overcome considerably fears and suspensions.
To study belly dance are not required preliminary knowledge dance also the physical special form.

The schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 20:30 in 22:30h; Saturdays 10 in 12h
The teacher: Tanit