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Aesthetic natural references
The references based on natural technicians and a fruit of knowledge which arrive to us from all parts of the world.

You dare to indulge and improve your quality of a life and your health with our therapies...

Obverse references

Corporal references


Entered BeautyTime

It opens the most effective references to support a pure face skin, egg white and a harmonic.... Cleaners, Armonizantes, the Sparkling Contact


Entered BeautyTime

References to be counterbalanced, relax, and that you put your body of the healthy and original form
Aesthetic, Depilations, Manicure and the Pedicurist


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The studied therapies of the east give answers to necessity of what we worry in the West..., use them! Chakrastone, power massage, a relaxation - xpress, flower Therapies, reiki. For you or to give.

Entered BeautyTime

You dare to indulge, take care and feel the best gift which can receive your step; revitalizante and pleasant massage.
Massage I leave, shiatsu, digitopuntura, quiromasajes