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FREE Pover Det: THAT HE DOES NOT KNOW, can do you harm

Why this proof is necessary? It is not probable, what already they have all vitamins which it requires? You can think that because they are spent rather well, or to take diverse vitamins that many I finish its bank accounts vitamin. You could not be ????????????.
Years everyone few Department of Health and Human Services of the USA and Department of Agriculture of interrogation of a food of an average index, mainly, Americans. Each time, these researches show that millions us suffer from a lack of disturbing vitamin. The combined results of the most recent researches show that Americans lack vitamin A and N, vitamins tiamina, piridoxina and ??????????, also as well as calcium, iron and magnesium.
Researchers MIT who have tried 120 patients chosen in a random way put in hospitals of all country, it has found that only 12 percent have shown suitable levels of all vitamins. Eight-ten eight percent had at least a heavy lack, and 59 percent they were short at least two critical nutrients. In words of researchers MIT ':
These researches... To bring in the inevitable conclusion that the lack of nutrients only can come to an end with deep damage defined ???????????????? processes, concept which yet has not received wide attention or the general acceptance. This absence of attention can have important clinical results as ???????????????? lacks can change a course considerably illnesses and / or the therapeutic answer.
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