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THE NEW MATH: to FIND quantity of calories PROPER (the PART 1)

First, it had an idea about this plan of a foodstuff when it has opened insignificantly quantity of calories which have carried away to my husband who needed"to be"supported"later, its present almost 240-funtovyj weight. Results of its Proof of Stress it has appeared in a printing copy ???????????? commands which was even more bewitching that a horoscope computarizado. I have been fascinated and frightened at the same time. He ate more than 3.000 calories in day! Never he thought of its weight in the conditions of calories earlier, they I go one more step to guess that it could eat well in at least minus to one thousand calories a day. For me, the shame of riches was 3.000 calories.
You do not require learning consumption of calories of its husband daily to realise in practice this diet, but it will show to you, how many calories he should play, and will give it a gleam and in spite of the fact that will look in its specific problem. If you automatically have reduced it by 500 calories in day, it will lose one pound a week, 1.000 calories in the day, two pounds in a week. Knowing its calculation of calories it will help it to fix its purpose and to establish its certificate of balance, which if it consists that the secret will help it. (If you reduce because of surplus, probably to notice!) never try to lose more weight because of the named method of "faster". It unhealthy.
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