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Weight loss: the Incorporated Working Union of DRUGS
When it should be used drugs?
Medicines can be considered for its use by the auxiliary reference in changes of the style of life, supported in following circumstances:
- 3-6 months after diet executions, behaviour and activity council.
- If the patient could not achieve 10 % of loss of corporal weight.
- To improve reduction ???????????????, as absence of breath or a support of weight a pain of connections.
- To achieve new progress in a board comorbilidad, as hiperlipidemia or lifting of pressure of blood.<.
- to improve tolerance in exercise and to advance the big physical activity.
- To improve the diabetes control, to lower glucose in blood on an empty stomach and diabetes indexes.

For the psychological reasons: for any patients, a support given by medicines they can operate as the powerful factor of motivation, increasing its trust to be more active physically and to increase its desire and ability to carry out dietary restriction.

When it is medicines, it is inadequate?
- When the profile of the patient is out of instructions of granting of permissions.

- When the loss of weight reached through change of a style of life the satisfactory.

- If the patient has preliminary history of hostile reactions in relation to the selected medicine.
- When there will be contra-indications for use of the selected medicine.
- When the patient do not represent serious attempts of change of a style of life.
- With history the applicant cyclic (jo-jo) a diet.

- When the patient has a little realistic expectations of excessive loss of weight.

- With history of such food infringements as loss of appetite or a bulimia.
Psychological or psychiatric underlaying infringements should start before any examination of use of treatment, but its use could be brought into accord, having continued, sometimes specialising, an estimation.
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WEIGHT LOSS / Body-Building