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FAT, ruined, forty years, And WOMEN: an estrogen Nayward

Monthly cycles, pregnancy, feeding by a breast and to cause менопаузу levels of an estrogen for ascending movement, and increases менопауза copper together with an estrogen. Women who took contraceptive tablets during long time, often test high levels from copper with typical symptoms of depression, frequent headaches, weariness, a lock, emotional instability, increase in weight and anger of whims of a foodstuff (in particular, sweets, bread and paste).
In last trimester of pregnancy so copper and levels of an estrogen they blow up but after the child has been handed over, levels from copper it is supposed that on an equilibrium level of zinc for natural balance 8:1.
The estrogen resists to a hormone, - a progesterone, a hormone which helps to support pregnancy. A progesterone - a hormone it is very useful. Suitable levels which a body temperature increasing, probably increasing activity enzimática. Increases termogénesis, or "deterioration" of surplus of calories, helps to calm a brain, and prepares a body for pregnancy.
After progesterone leaving (or in estrogen increase), mother passes in a labour and the child hands over. If estrogen levels stay high because the hormonal system of the woman has lost balance or because levels from copper continue to be high, levels of a progesterone it will stay the low. Think of it as the double balance weight. When an estrogen high, a progesterone low, when copper high, zinc low.
"Having lost weight, I wish to be here for my children. I wish to go excursions again, and to make things of a family without that feeling that I will have a heart attack!"
Opposite instability, seldom it occurs, as the American diet insufficient in a foodstuff rich with zinc, red meat, oysters both other gifts of the sea and vegetables. Thanks to that they do not eat many of this foodstuff, never the thin certificate of balance is carried out. Game to see that it can arrive above, an estrogen or a progesterone, from copper or zinc, he plays and remains. Result? Postpatrimonial depression and all symptoms mentioned earlier in those, as to contraceptive tiles, including weight increase.
The solution of a question of zinc and copper is not heavy. Simply to increase quantity of zinc by a diet within months and surplus from copper it is typical quelado body washing. Zinc and copper then to come back in нормальность and to facilitate the symptoms caused by instability. Solve an estrogen / a progesterone a question cannot to be such lung. Women require working with the doctor is nutritious realising councils on balance of its female hormones through use of grasses and natural hormones.
Here it where real mess and failure sets in almost all women, whom he chooses therapy of hormonal replacement to counterbalance these hormones to gain weight experience. There is no doubt in it. This increase can vary from only several kgs of surplus of water to more than twenty kgs of surplus of water and fat. At agents of a natural hormone of balance, such as grasses, are not present this weight to improve effect. Though they can be late a bit more to turn in терапевтику, probably to work with efficiency, to counterbalance female system.
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