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WHY FOR to FIND ITS TRUE age biological?

Curiosity. Fear. It feeds hope. Without the facts, without knowing age which they it is valid, it cannot adjust its internal clocks. How probably to form an alarm clock that it has woken you at certain o'clock if you do not know, what hour, - when the bell becomes more active? How probably the nobility as long they should bake ship's biscuits if he does not know, in which to hour of placing to itself(himself) badly furnace? How you know when to begin a supper if it is not known when it will arrive to its visitors? More important how many to know precisely where it is with where hand of its own internal clocks now, in this minute, to turn them again into fifty, forty | thirty, even twenty?
Our body - hours established enough which it supports in due time, but if it much or immodestly manipulated, alarm runs low about one hour.
- Hosef Al
Also trust in me, the majority we wish to be younger than us. I know that I wanted, We want that energy, force, light that at us was two, ten or even twenty years behind. We want that speed, health, position, a flame | that it is burnt in the brilliant way in a young body and blinks and weakens in ageing of one. I know that I have made it. We wish to earn battle of a line of a bulky waist which seems almost inevitable age. I know that I have made it.
Such it was such as I have begun. With research and a research considerable quantity until I have not found the best, accessible proofs of more simple and clear ageing. I did them. I have measured my age. And as I could consider result in two figures, (that it is in tens more) number of years which have left, and pounds which it has hidden. These proofs were my beginnings. They should be yours. Without these proofs it cannot use the program in the set. You will not be capable to estimate progress which it has made. You will not have an exact record of the youngest and thin it is a lot of that you have turned. You they will not benefit from new which more young man will appear years, and you release is more thin and it is more healthy than the Youth Source.
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